Coaching and counselling are similiar and there is an overlap between coaching and counselling and other helping professions. 

Coaching provides a unique perspective and skill set to help advance your personal and professional success. It is a forward moving process that allows you to look at where you are at currently and what you want your future to be. A coach will guide you through a journey of self discovery and awareness to help you overcome limiting beliefs and behaviours so you can achieve what you want in life.

In coaching, emotions and feelings may come up and there can be a healing effect as you release those emotions however, coaching is not designed to be a healing process. Coaching will not delve into your past to unearth and heal wounds from past situations. If this occurs during a coaching session, the coach will ask you if you wish to be referred to a counsellor.

Counsellors are specifically trained to help people heal from their emotions and past circumstances, traumas, mental health conditions and addictions. If you want to understand, resolve and heal from situations and pain carried from the past, you should seek the assistance of a counsellor. 

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